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NRIs and owners living out of city always a have fear in mind of renting out property to strangers, thinking if rent will be received on time and if the property will be maintained properly. I as a owner had the same doubts in my mind and once I shifted to Bangalore from Delhi ,I also experienced challenges while getting the property vacated from tenant. Right property manager is answer to all these queries.

Property management is not only about finding the Right tenant , it includes screening the tenants, making the perfect agreement, arranging for repairs and inspecting regularly to ensure that property is kept nicely.

Agarwal realty and Investment have the process and operations in place to ensure that responsible tenants occupy the property , payments are received by owners on time during the whole duration of tenancy. At the time of taking handover of property back ,we ensure that it is painted, cleaned , repaired before handing it over to next tenant. Moving in & Moving out inspection, rental renewal , and coordination between owner and tenant for regular maintenance and emergency repairs are part of our property management services.

The famous saying by Franklin D. Roosevelt “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen , nor can be carried away .Purchase with common sense, pain for in full and managed with reasonable care , it is the safest investment in the world.”

Value of this investment can be realize once you sell it . Once a property owner decide to the sell a property we discuss the price at which the property can be sold. We follow a balance approach by set rules. For example- market value is 1 Cr and if we market for 1.20 Cr we lose the time as either get less inquiry or window shopping happens. Because there are other on 1 Cr.

Time is money and if calculate in absolute terms this wrong valuation will cause owner a loss of monetary interest as well as opportunity cost. Apart from guiding on the property value we guide our clients on all the aspects ranging from taxation/TDS rule , of property and the complete legal process etc. There are different taxation rules for Indians and NRIs, execution process varies. We handhold Buyers and Seller from initiation stage to Execution Stage. Also ensuring proper documentation to avoid any last minute hurdle because of missing documents.

For Buyers, we ensure to get the property where all documents are in place. We prefer to work with Branded developers and with clear title properties. Commercial Property fetches handsome rental income compare to residential. We ensure to get your money invested in Branded property.

Interior design

Home loan

Aside from using our expertise to assist you with buying and selling a property we also take away the pain of dealing with the other aspects like Home interiors and Renovation of your property. Many of us like to get Good Quality Interior at reduced prices. We are partners with qualitative Interior Designing Agencies after evaluating as per our process. We ensure to connect you with the experts so that you get as per whatever is committed to you. At the same time, we monitor the quality of work and responsible for handover.

We always like to have all related services under one Umbrella and with trusted consulting firm in order to avoid hassles of running around and get the best rate. We are partner with HDFC, ICICI and other reputed Banks and assist our clients to provide Home Loan.

advisory services

legal services

Mr. Aman always put himself in customer’s shoes, thinks about what challenges he experienced once he purchased the Property through non professional realtors Or by his own knowledge before stepping into Business of Real Estate. He has realized the mistake he had done and now to ensure that our clients should not commit such mistakes. You take years to Save a Crore (I am saying…saving not earning itself), but a wrong decision may land you in trouble.

There is a Myth- Once you approach Developer directly you would get price benefit. Reputed Developers and Certified Realtors have a great bonding, hence they follow ethical practices whether you go directly or through us, either no discount or if it’s there you may get either equal or more discount while going through Professional Consultants.

Moreover, we DON’T CHARGE FROM YOU. You get Free Professional Advise and ensure your crores of rupees are invested at Right Place.

Our consulting service is a unparalleled network of knowledge , insight and on the ground experience .It helps clients to identify and understand the requirement , make informed decision to achieve a competitive advantage by managing risk , reducing costs and invest at the right property at right time.

Last but not Least – we play a major role in getting the right UNIT as well, if there are left over units we prefer clients to wait for the right one.

We have experienced Senior Lawyer and CAs in our panel who assists our clients with title verification and any kind of advice client need regarding property transactions. Once NRI sell properties in India , there are certain ruled in regards of TDS. Our CAs assist through entire process.